How to Buy Prescription Glasses Online with iChoose

Choosing glasses is easy with iChoose. Follow these simple steps to buy your prescription glasses from the comfort of your own home, and in the wildest of designs.

Choose Your Glasses

screenshot of the ichoose homepage with build my glasses link and smiling woman with curly hair in video touching her black acetate glasses in yellow coat, black shirt, with yellow background

Click ‘Build My Glasses’ from the iChoose homepage.


screenshot of the ichoose gender selection page, showing blonde woman wearing ichoose glasses and short haired man with stubble wearing glasses

Select whether you want to browse men's, women's, or view all glasses.

screenshot of the ichoose product page displaying ichoose glasses alongside shape, material, gender, and filters

Browse our glasses until you find a pair you like, and then click ‘Choose Frame’. The option will appear once you hover over a frame. You can filter by numerous criteria including colour, shape, material, and gender at the top of the page.


screenshot of ichoose product page showing andover gold frame with copy and green banner showing sides

Your browser will then load the product page for your selected pair of glasses. Here you can view the glasses in 360 degrees, as well as virtually try them on using your webcam or phone. Once you’re satisfied, pick the colour you want and click ‘Choose Your Glasses’ to move onto the next phase.

Please note the little question mark next to 'Choose Your Glasses' - these are scattered all over the website, and clicking them will reveal a small piece of informative text for if you're feeling a bit lost.

Choose Your Sides

screenshot of ichoose glasses builder showing amble gold with turquoise gradient sides and a colour and pattern browser next to it for free sides

Next, you’ll be prompted to select your sides. In a complete bundle, you’re entitled to an additional pair of sides for free. Browse our sides to find something you think works well with your frames. We’ve photographed every possible combination so you can see them together. You can browse them all together or by several criteria including collection, staff picks, and colour.


screenshot of the ichoose glasses builder tallying up the order of andover bundle with green gradient colour sides

Click 'Add Free Sides' when you've found the ones for you and they'll be displayed in the Glasses Builder tab and added to your order.


screenshot of ichoose glasses builder showing brown animal print sides to add for £10 extra

Once the tab closes you'll have the option to pick more sides, which you can add to your order for an extra £10 each by clicking 'Add More Sides (£10). Once you’ve added all the sides you want to your basket, move onto the next phase of the order by clicking ‘Choose Lenses’.

Choose Your Lenses

screenshot of ichoose lens type page showing distance lenses, computer lenses, reading lenses, varifocal lenses, blank lenses, and no lenses

Click the lens type you require and click ‘Confirm Lens Type’ at the bottom. The option will appear once you hover over an lens type.


screenshot of ichoose prescription page showing saved prescription option, new details option, and not sure option

Next, you’ll need to add your prescription. If you’re a new customer, click the option under ‘New Details’. If you're a returning customer, once you click the option under 'Saved Prescription' you'll be prompted to login and diverted to the main prescription page. If you don't have your prescription to hand you can click the option under 'Not Sure' and we'll save your order so you can return to this page to add your prescription later.


screenshot of the ichoose prescription page showing sphere, cylinder, axis for both left and right eyes, pupillary distance measurer and terms and conditions boxes to tick

Whether you picked the 'Saved Prescription' or 'New Details' option in the previous step, this widow will load up. If you're a returning customer your details will prepopulate, so please amend them to your most up to date prescription, or check they're accurate. If you're a new customer, please enter them from scratch.

If you don’t know your pupillary distance (sometimes opticians don’t give you this), you can use our PD measuring tool by clicking ‘New Measure’. For this, we just have you take a selfie via your webcam while holding an object for reference. We can calculate your PD from there. Please be aware the PD measuring tool is only available on desktop.

After using the PD measuring tool, or entering your PD manually, double check the details you’ve entered are accurate then read and confirm the two boxes at the bottom, and click ‘Submit'.


screenshot of ichoose glasses builder showing lens index tiers bronze, silver, gold, and platinum

Now it’s time to choose your lens index. This is the thickness of your lenses. We recommend an option based on the strength of your prescription. Different categories have different benefits, so make sure to read all the information provided. Once you’re satisfied, click your option and click ‘Choose’. The option will appear once you hover over a lens index.


screenshot of ichoose glasses builder add-ons showing clear, polarised, and tinted

The last step is to select any add-ons you might like, including lens coatings like tints and mirrors in various colours. Bear in mind that some lens index options come with coatings as standard. Depending on what you choose you may be prompted to select further options, i.e., tinted > colour > colour density. Just select the circular colour swatches to intiate this. Once you’re satisfied, make sure all your add-ons are selected and click ‘Add to Basket’.


screenshot of ichoose glasses basket with andover gold, green gradient coloured sides, distance lenses, silver index, and tinted brown add-on with price next to it and the great fit guarantee underneath

Now you’ll have an order breakdown in front of you, showing you the total cost of the items and add-ons in your basket. At this point your order is saved to your basket for as long as you're on the iChoose website, so if you want to add more sides you can still pop back to the homepage by clicking 'Continue Shopping', and add them to your order.

If it all looks good, click ‘Checkout’ to continue.


screenshot of ichoose glasses checkout prompting users to enter their personal details and billing address

Enter your delivery address and billing details here, as well as your marketing preferences. We recommend selecting at least one of these options so you don't miss out on sales, discount codes, and special treats. Once you’re satisfied, click ‘Confirm Details’.


screenshot of the ichoose glasses delivery page prompting users to enter their address

On this page you just need to enter your delivery address for this order, but if it's the same as the details entered in the previous step, you can just select 'Same As Billing Address' and the form will auto-fill. Click 'Confirm Delivery Details' to continue.

screenshot of the ichoose glasses checkout page showing andover gold frame with green gradient sides, distance lenses, silver lens index, and brown graduated tint alongside price and terms and conditions box to tick and pay

Now you’ll have a final opportunity to review the order and grand total. If you’re happy, review and confirm the tick-box, and click ‘Confirm & Pay’. At this point you'll be redirected to our secure Sage Pay purchase process. Please follow the on-screen instructions to make your purchase. We accept Mastercard, Visa, and American Express debit and credit cards, and PayPal.

screenshot of ichoose glasses order confirmation page with order number and thank you message

Once your order has been submitted via Sage Pay, this page will load confirming your order number and that your order has been placed. A confirmation email will follow.

That’s it! Now all there’s left to do is wait eagerly by the door for your brand new iChoose glasses to arrive.